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adventurous activities kids
10 Things to do with your kids this summer

Finding cool adventure activities kids will love goes without saying is a great idea for any parent looking for helps kid’s mental health, grow their confidence in learning new skills, get them off their devices and is a cost effective, awesome way to reconnect . Children have a proverbial hill to climb (excuse the pun!) navigating the world and finding your place in it seems a bigger challenging when you have global access to information right in your pocket. That’s why these adventurous activities for kids are even more profound and necessary to provide them with a sense of confidence and wellness that doesn’t involve technology. These are just a few of the adventure activities kids will enjoy but I am sure once you get started you will think up more amazing ways to engage them further.

adventure activities kids

““Exploration is curiosity put into action.”

— Don Walsh
  1. Hike a summit – whilst the extent of the summit depends on age and fitness, no matter how young or old you can never forget your first summit. The photos alone will bring you both much pleasure in the years to come
  2. Go fishing – getting back to basics is what it’s all about, the sense of quiet perseverance coupled with the award of a catch is a great reminder that all things come to those who wait. Angling licenses are available on daily rates at lakes or a 7-day pass at holiday spots which should give you enough of a taste to decide if it’s something you want to try in the future
  3. Star gazing – we don’t look up enough to see the beauty all around us, what’s the meaning of our existence? Do aliens exist? Can you spot the big dipper? So many great talking points to engage a young mind
  4. Volunteer on a nature project – whether it’s a beach clean up, a planting project or just helping an elderly neighbour clear their garden, giving back to your community and your planet nurtures the soul like nothing else
  5. Cook your meal over a fire – this creates much excitement and anticipation and can be as simple as a sausage on a stick. Followed by s’mores of course!
  6. Make a bug house – this will bring endless amounts of creativity and it’s the gift that keeps on giving as you continue to check on the bug house it will get more established over time
  7. Go bird watching – binoculars, a bird book and your are all set to explore birds’ sounds, colours and habitats
  8. Climb trees –  we used to do this as a kid and it was such epic fun, get back in touch with your inner child and see if you can join in
  9. Have a picnic – take a picnic to a remote spot to enjoy the sounds of nature, your kids can help make the picnic and each carry something, once there you can practice some mindfulness exercises to see if you can peak their interests  
  10. Go wild swimming – nothing is more refreshing than taking a dip in your local lake, stream or beach – just remember to go somewhere well-established for this kind of activity so you can rest assured it’s a safe spot

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